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I’m getting a licensing error when I try to install.

If you get a licensing error, first check to be sure the license key is correct. If it is correct and still not working, contact Support.

Tablet not recognized/not syncing over network.

If you do not see your tablet in nSign Connect, make sure PC and tablet are connected to same network. To check this, open the nSign application on your tablet and click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. In the System Configuration screen, look at the network name under the WiFi box.

If the correct network is displaying but still not connected, select Unregister Tablet –> Reset –> Ok and rescan the QR code located on the Tablet tab in nSign Connect.

Can I use multiple and different license keys on various computers running nSign connect?

nSign Connect licensing works in a 1:1 ratio with your tablet for security purposes. Android tablets and iPads will only work across systems with the same license key. If you need to add additional activations to a license key, please contact Ambir Sales.

How do I find my license key?

Open nSign Connect –> Settings –> Admin tab. Your license key will be displayed in the License Information box and is the number to the right of Serial Number. See screenshot example below:


What is the default password for nSign settings (on tablet)?

The default password is admin. Please note this is in all lowercase.

What is the default password for the User setting?

The default password is user. Please note this is in all lowercase.

I want to use nSign Connect via the Cloud. How do I connect?

Cloud services are offered through Amazon Web Services. For assistance, contact Support.