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How do I save to a cloud service?

Click the Cloud icon on the left menu of AmbirScan. Select the cloud service you want to save to and enter your login credentials. Once entered, AmbirScan will remember your login.

Can I select multiple documents to save to a cloud service?

Yes. To save multiple documents, hold the Ctrl button and select all the documents. Once selected, drag the documents over to the icon of the cloud service you are saving to.

How do I log out of a cloud service?

To log out of a cloud service, click the Advanced Settings icon in the left menu. In the Advanced Settings menu, click Reset Cloud Credentials.

I don’t see OneDrive Personal or OneDrive Business. Can I save to those cloud services?

Yes. To save to OneDrive Personal or OneDrive Business, complete the following steps:

  1. Open AmbirScan software.
  2. Click on
  3. Click the … next to Select a Save File Path.
  4. Select your OneDrive or OneDrive Business
  5. Click
  6. Your settings are now saved.