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What Linux support do you provide?

We can offer a Linux SDK which includes low-level driver (LLD) and sample code demonstrating its use. It is recommended for developers who are writing their own application to run in a Linux environment.

If you would like to request a linux driver please fill out the form in this link. Linux Driver Request.

Do I need a linux driver for my Ambir Scanner to run on a linux based thin client device such as a HP thin client or a WYSE device?

You do not need a Linux driver for scanner to run on these HP thin clients or WYSE thin clients.

We recommend that you follow these steps to get your Ambir scanner running:

  1. Install the scanner driver on the Windows server.
  2. Enable USB redirection (or USB passthrough) on your thin client per the instructions from your thin client hardware provider.
  3. Connect your scanner to your thin client.
  4. Through the Windows virtual session, scan via the application on the Windows server.

Do you have Drivers for Chromebooks?

We currently do not have any scanner driver or scanning software for Chromebooks. However, if you are using a Chromebook to access a Windows virtual environment via Citrix, you can turn on USB redirection to scan via Windows virtual session. Please refer to Citrix documentation for more details: Citrix article resource.