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AMBIRScan Business Card Software

AMBIRScan business card software works with a variety of AMBIR Card Scanners to facilate the capture and import of contacts from business cards into electronic format.  Our software uses powerful OCR (optical character recognition) software to read information from a business card and transform it into a digital record that can be imported into leading contact management systems such as Microsoft Outlook, or Google Contacts.  In addition to pre-built connections such as these, you can easily export from our business card scanning software into .csv files which can then be imported into virtually anything application such as email marketing, crm and many more.

AmbirScan Business Card

How it Works?

Simply feed business cards through one of AMBIR’s compatible scanners and our software does the rest!  OCR will read and transform data from the business card and prep it in the BCS software to make it compatible with various systems such as Outlook, Google Contacts and Salesforce 

Pre-Built Integrations 

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Import Contacts Directly to Microsoft

Create Contacts directly to a Microsoft account without the need to go through a local outlook client. This allows the user to access scanned contacts on their Microsoft account across all devices.  This includes creating contacts in MS Outlook in Office365 and Outlook Versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.


Google Contacts Support

AMBIR business card scanning software now scans directly to Google Contacts, eliminating the need to first scan and download to CSV and then re-load back into google contacts.

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Easily create Salesforce leads and contacts

Use our business card scanning software to easily create salesforce leads and contacts.  Our application will remove duplicate emails as well.  Your sales team will love how easy it is to turn business cards into Salesforce leads!

CSV Export

Export to CSV File

Using OCR technology, AmbirScan Business Card creates CSV files to conveniently store and backup your data. Upload your CSV to third party CRMs, such as Salesforce and Google Contacts.

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AmbirScan Business Card Software

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Need a Business Card Scanner? 

Paired with your choice of Ambir scanner, AmbirScan Business Card is the ideal choice for digitizing your cards. Find the perfect scanner for you.

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