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High-Speed ADF Scanners

Scan everything from letter and legal size documents to identification and insurance cards.

ImageScan Pro 800 Series High-Speed ADF Scanner

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Speed Matters

Varying tasks and workloads means one size (or speed) does not fit all. Ambir offers several models and speeds to meet your budget and scanning volume.


ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS820IX-AS)



ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS830IX-AS)



nScan 700gt Hybrid Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS700GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro 340 40ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner with AmbirScan ADF Software (DS340-SE)



nScan 1060 60ppm High Speed Document, Card and Passport Scanner (DS1060-AS)


Ambir has you covered with U.S.-based Support

When you buy Ambir, you get more than just a great scanner. It comes bundled with a two-year warranty that includes limited parts & labor coverage and comprehensive U.S.-based phone & online chat support.

AMBIR Support

What is an ADF Scanner?

ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder, this technology gives you the ability to place several pages on the scanner’s tray and not have to feed them one by one. Simple right? In comparison, flatbed scanners are designed to scan each page individually.

What is the difference between ADF and duplex printer?
A duplex scanner is a standalone digital document imaging device that is capable of scanning both sides of a document at once. An ADF duplex scanner has two cameras, top and bottom, allowing simultaneous capture of both sides of the document without slowing.