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AMBIR is a leading maker of durable and easy to use document and insurance card scanners that seamlessly work with Kareo as a TWAIN device. Our digital capture solutions help streamline key processes such as patient registration and check-in, and with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, AMBIR solutions are engineered for years of durability and performance.

Practices who adopt AMBIR products realize tremendous financial savings in hardware IT costs, enjoy legendary product compatibility and reliability, and benefit from the best total-cost-of-ownership in the scanning category. We invite you to join thousands of other practices who use AMBIR products to deliver a better patient experience along with achieving better business outcomes.

Healthcare Document Scanners

Kareo Customers Choose AMBIR because:


  • Our included industry standard TWAIN driver means seamless compatibility of all AMBIR scanners in Kareo
  • Our scanners offer support for B&W, Grayscale, and Color images in either PDF, JPEG, and TIFF formats allowing you complete control of image quality and file size
  • AMBIR support is 100% US based and free to AMBIR customers with no maintenance or setup fees
  • Unmatched product flexibility with simplex, duplex, and high-speed scanner models available

The AMBIR Product Line includes a diverse catalog of scanners meant to meet the demands of fast-paced healthcare offices and facilities.

Our Catalog of Products include:

  • Portable and desktop scanners for Insurance and ID Cards
  • High speed ADF Scanners
AMBIR Product Catalog Download

Card & Document Scanners


nScan DS690gt Duplex Card Scanner

nScan DS690gt Duplex Card Scanner w/ AmbirScan (DS690GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex Card Scanner

ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS687-AS)



PS667 Card Scanner

ImageScan Pro PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (PS667-AS)



ImageScan Pro DS490 Duplex Document & Card Scanner

ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS490-AS)


For Larger Jobs, Speed Matters

Varying tasks and workloads means one size (or speed) does not fit all. AMBIR offers several models and speeds to meet your budget and scanning volume.


ImageScan Pro 800 Series High-Speed ADF Scanner

ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS820IX-AS)



ImageScan Pro 800 Series High-Speed ADF Scanner

ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS830IX-AS)



ImageScan Pro 340u High-Speed ADF Scanner

ImageScan Pro 340 40ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner with AmbirScan ADF Software (DS340-SE)



nScan 1060 ADF Duplex Document, Card & Passport Scanner

nScan 1060 60ppm High Speed Document, Card and Passport Scanner (DS1060-AS)


Ambir has you covered with U.S.-based Support

When you buy an AMBIR product, you get more than a great tool. It comes bundled with limited parts & labor coverage and comprehensive U.S.-based phone & online chat support.

We can be reached Monday -Friday (except holidays) from 8:00am – 5:00pm CT at 630-530-5400 option 3

AMBIR Support