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AmbirScan Receipt Scanner and Software Bundle

Whether you operate a small business or an accounting firm, the need to quickly and easily capture expense data from receipts is vital for expense and revenue management as well as tax preparation.  

The AmbirScan Receipt Scanner with Software bundle is the perfect solution for your business or accounting practice.    We offer several popular scanner models included the bundled AmbirScan software for receipts.  From portable to high-speed desktop scanners AMBIR has the right solution to meet the unique needs of your business.

Ambirscan with receipts on desk

Key Features


Unlimited Scans

With no hidden fees or monthly subscription required, you have full access to scan an unlimited number of receipts at any time.

OCR Recognition

Automatic Data Extraction

Using OCR technology, extract data including vendor name, date, tax amount and total amount for a more efficient way of tracking your receipts.

Export to CSV

Easy Import and Export

By utilizing the industry-standard CSV/Excel format, AmbirScan Receipt allows for the easy export and importation of expense data into hundreds of 3rd party software solutions including QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax.

AmbirScan Software

Bundled with AmbirScan

AmbirScan Receipt comes bundled with our AmbirScan software providing a complete scanning solution. Whether it’s a receipt, invoice, document or card, simply place them into the scanner and let the automated feeding mode capture each item as it’s inserted.

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AmbirScan Receipt Software

Eliminate paper clutter and manual data entry errors with AmbirScan Receipt. See what AmbirScan Receipt Software can do for your business today.

Purchase Single License

SKU # AS700-RS


AmbirScan Receipt Software
TravelScan Pro PS600 Simplex Document & Card Scanner

TravelScan Pro w/ AmbirScan Receipt

When you go mobile, the TravelScan Pro goes with you. It’s USB-powered, so you’ll never need to search for an outlet. And at just under a pound and just over a foot long, it fits in any laptop bag and never weighs you down.

SKU # PS600-RS


nScan 700gt w/ AmbirScan Receipt

With an innovative design and compact size, the nScan 700gt is durable, portable and versatile, allowing for productivity wherever you go. This hybrid sheet-fed scanner with ADF capabilities offers top, front and back load scanning to ensure the best fit for your environment, making scanning individual cards or multi-page documents quick and simple.



nScan 700gt with AmbirScan Receipt
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