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How does the nScan 915i differ from other network scanners?

The nScan 915i is very similar to standalone network attached scanners from other brands. In summary, the nScan 915i is easier to setup and easier to use with its intuitive, self-guided scanning application displayed on a large color LCD screen.

Does nScan 915i use USB to communicate?

No. The nScan 915i connects to your network using an Ethernet cable or WiFi. You may also connect a USB flash drive or USB hard drive to the nScan 915i and scan directly to those devices.

Does the nScan 915i support TWAIN scanning?

A: No. The nScan 915i saves scanned documents to email, FTP/SFTP, SMB Network Share, Cloud storage and SharePoint without needing any client software installed or TWAIN drivers. Scanned documents may also be sent PCs, MACs, iOS and Android devices connected to the same network; those computers/devices must have the nScan Client software installed and running to receive documents.

Are documents saved or stored on the nScan 915i?

Documents reside only on the nScan 915i until they are transmitted to their destination. With the USB port you may connect and save scans to a USB flash drive or disk drive up to 1 TB.

Can I load more than one document in the feeder and create a unique PDF for each document?

Yes. You can insert a blank sheet of paper between documents in the feeder and enable Blank Page Split in the Advanced Settings menu. This will create a new multi-page PDF or multi-page TIFF when the scanner sees a blank sheet of paper.

Do I need to install any additional software?

No. The nScan 915i saves scanned documents to: email, FTP, SMB Network Share, Cloud storage, SharePoint, attached flash drive without the need for additional software. To scan to a PC or Mac you have two choices: you can set up a shared folder on the PC or Mac and scan to that folder, or you can install our nScan Client PC or Mac software.

Can I easily configure multiple nScan 915i scanners exactly the same?

Yes. All settings can be easily exported and imported. See the Administrators Guide for details.

Can I use an external keyboard with the nScan 915i?

An on-screen keyboard is displayed when text entry is required. An external keyboard may be plugged into the nScan 915i if you find it easier to use. If you are using a USB keyboard and an external USB storage device, you must attach a powered USB hub.

Can I use a mouse with the nScan 915i?

A: No. The nScan 915i uses a touch screen computer that is not designed to be used with a mouse.

Can I scan to formats other than PDF and JPG?

Q: Yes. Scanning to TIFF, PNG, Multi-Page PDF and Multi-Page TIFF formats are available. However, when sending scans to iOS or Android mobile device destinations, PDF and JPG are the supported formats.

How many computers may I install the Nuance PowerPDF Advanced software that is bundled with the nScan 915i?

A: One computer. Additional licenses are available for purchase via contacting Ambir Support.