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Barcode Scanners Set-up

Step 1. Plug in your AMBIR Barcode Scanner

Step 2. Open application you want to scan to.

Step 3. Move cursor where you would like the data to appear and click.

Step 3. Scan barcode.


DB100 & BR100 Customers. PLEASE NOTE:

The cable connection to the barcode scanner is meant to be semi-permanent. Please avoid removing it unless necessary.

The best way to remove the cable is to use a straightened paper clip. Take one end of the paper clip and insert it into the opening on the bottom of the scanner. There will be a latch on the end of the cable connector. Use the paper clip to push the latch down and remove the cable.

To put the cable back into the scanner, use the paper clip again to push the latch down when inserting the cable in

AMIR Barcode Scanners