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How do I install the paper chute?

  1. Open the ADF cover by pulling the lever.
  2. Install the paper chute by aligning and inserting the tabs of the paper chute into their slots on the scanner.
  3. Close the ADF cover by pushing it back down until it snaps back into place.

How do I change my feed pad and/or roller?

Click here to watch a quick video for detailed instructions on replacing these items.

How do I know if I need a new roller and/or feed pad?

If your items are getting stuck in the scanner frequently, or paper stacks are going through in one pass, it may be time to replace the roller and feed pad.

New and functional rollers have a matte-like quality to them. Worn rollers looks shiny, and/or have tread marks on them. New feed pads have thickness to the gray rubber pieces. Worn pads are thin and may be broken.

You should also check the Counter Utility on your scanner. See steps below to access the Counter Utility:

  1. Right-click on the AmbirScan ADF icon in the system tray and select Scanner Utility.
  2. Click on the Counter Utility.
  3. The total number of your scans with the recommended count to replace the roller will display.

Click here to purchase the maintenance kit for your 900u series scanner, which includes feed pad and roller replacements.