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Market Solutions

Field Services

Too much paperwork while on the road can become a huge hassle. Field service solutions from Ambir Technology can give your mobile workforce a competitive edge. Ambir’s wide range of mobile, scanning solutions enable efficiency and productivity beyond the walls of the office.

Key Features

Ambir portable scanners fit easily into standard laptop cases and glove compartments. No additional power source is required because Ambir field service scanners are USB-powered. Versatile and simple to use, they scan letter and legal-sized documents, receipts, business cards and embossed and laminated IDs.

Ambir scanners enable users to instantly scan, upload and manage or share documents, photos, receipts and business cards. Digital files, saved as PDFs or other standard formats, can then be easily saved or shared via email.

  • Improved organization with digital file management.
  • Reduced paper load while on the road.
  • Reduced need for paper filing back in the office.
  • Improved communication with managers, staff and clients.
Field Services

Durable and compact, Ambir scanners are ideal for mobile workers

Insurance Assessors
Home Health Specialists
Utility Company Technicians
Health and Safety Inspectors
Field Repair Engineers
Service Technicians
Building Surveyors

Recommended Products


ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex Card Scanner

ImageScan Pro DS687 Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS687-AS)



TravelScan Pro PS600 Simplex Document & Card Scanner

TravelScan Pro 600 Simplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (PS600-AS)



ImageScan Pro DS490 Duplex Document & Card Scanner

ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS490-AS)



nScan 700gt Duplex Document & Card Scanner

nScan 700gt Hybrid Duplex Document and Card Scanner with AmbirScan (DS700GT-AS)



ImageScan Pro 800 Series High-Speed ADF Scanner

ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner (DS820IX-AS)