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Scan Business Cards into Outlook in Just 4 Steps

Are you getting the most out of the business cards you collect? Unless you can retrieve contacts at the click of a button the answer is no. Why miss out on the ability to improve outreach to your next sale?

With Ambir you can easily digitize contacts and import them directly into Outlook. In just four easy steps, we’ll teach you how to turn that pile of business cards into an address book full of workable prospects.

Step 1

Start with an Ambir scanner with AmbirScan Business Card software to easily scan and upload business cards. If you don’t already own an Ambir scanner, you can pick one up here. After purchase, you’ll receive a single-user license key for the software. The set-up page will help you get your scanner and software ready to go for business card scanning.

Step 2

Place your business card face-down in the corner of your scanner with the icon showing a page with an upturned corner. Make sure Auto Scan is turned on in your AmbirScan software. Insert the card into the scanner and it will pull through automatically.

Step 3

Once the scanning is complete, a separate window will populate displaying the card image and information taken from the card. Verify all information in the window and correct any errors. When all the contact information has been verified, click OK.

Step 4

A Windows notification in your system tray will alert you that the contact has been created in Outlook. Duplicate detection will let you know if a contact already exists in Outlook. If a duplicate exists, you will be asked if you want to create a new one.

And that’s it! Scanning business cards into Outlook is that easy.

AmbirScan Business Card software also creates a .CSV file of your scanned contacts for upload into a CRM, such as Salesforce. You’ll find a helpful guide in the FAQ section that walks you through the upload process.

Ready to start scanning? Purchase your Ambir business card scanner today.