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Why Healthcare Workers Rely on Proper Document Management

Healthcare professionals lead information-heavy, fast-paced careers. These healthcare workers rely on an organized document management system. However, many healthcare facilities still rely on paper documents. The transition from paper to digital has proven a challenge for many healthcare administrators. Ambir Technology offers scanners with intuitive and innovative designs to improve scanning. This article will highlight why proper document management is vital for the success of healthcare professionals and how to optimize it best.

Maintaining Proper Documentation Retrieval

The process can be tedious and prone to errors with pen and paper. Those dealing with paper documents can easily get bogged down by manually taking down patient information. Ambir card scanners, such as the nScan 690gt, allow the healthcare worker to drop patients’ IDs and insurance cards into the scanner and have an image of each card automatically uploaded into the patient record in color or grayscale. From there, healthcare professionals can view and organize patient information with the touch of a button. Ambir scanners also include TWAIN drivers, making them compatible with the leading EMR systems.

Keep HIPAA Compliant with Document Management

An essential aspect of being a healthcare professional is maintaining trust, security and privacy as HIPAA compliance. Proper digital document capture and management assist with HIPAA compliance by keeping private patient information secure. Only those who are approved will access certain documents, which prevents unauthorized individuals from unnecessarily pulling and viewing patient files. When documents are physically stored in filing cabinets, a detailed audit trail of document access is impossible. However, once a document is uploaded into a document management or EMR/HER system, healthcare professionals can apply for permissions and controlled access, ensuring the information is secure and all views tracked.

Disaster-Proofing Patient Information

Healthcare professionals rely on digital records to understand their patients’ health history and decide the best treatment plan. Digital documents provide the opportunity for better collaboration among providers and deliver better stability and sustainability over physical records, especially in the case of an emergency, such as a fire, theft, weather, or water damage. In 2010, a fire at the University of Mexico caused the loss of roughly 90% of medical records created before 2005. To prevent a significant loss of data, it’s vital to back up medical records in a digital database. Scanners can make digitizing documents fast and easy to upload. Since the information is in a secure database, there’s no risk of losing a physical copy in case of an emergency. This way, healthcare professionals can access vital patient information to give the proper care.

Proper document management is a vital tool for healthcare professionals. It often determines the security and efficiency of a healthcare facility. With the help of effective technology and organization techniques, healthcare administrators can establish a well-run and safe environment where their patients receive the best care and outcomes possible. Ambir offers advanced scanning solutions to help your facility run its best. Browse through the inventory on our website or call (630) 530-5400 to start cultivating your best document management system.