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Using Electronic Signature Pads to Streamline Patient Check-In

Electronic signature pads are becoming increasingly vital in the world of healthcare.  They quickly digitize signatures, streamlining patient documentation processes, and saving you time, money and effort in the process. With many benefits for the patient check-in process, electronic signature pads are a must have in this increasingly digital leaning environment.


By eliminating paper documentation and signatures, electronic signing increases efficiency in the patient check-in process. Instead of printing out a page for patients to sign, having them complete their signature, and then uploading the information and storing or properly disposing of the paper, the electronic signing process allows you to complete this process entirely digitally and practically in one step. Bring up the document that needs to be signed, have the patient sign on the e-signature pad, and save the file. It’s as easy as that.


Digitizing this process not only increases efficiency, it saves your practice money. By reducing paper usage and increasing the speed at which employees can have patients sign in, sign documents, and more, you can offset costs. You’ll also lower the amount of paper purchased. With increases in efficiency, employees will also be able to get more done in the same amount of time, increasing the overall amount of work your team can accomplish.


Electronic signature pads are also HIPAA compliant, ensuring they’ll be a perfect fit for your front desk. With built in AES encryption, RSA signaling and signature biometrics, you can be sure every signature will be kept secure.


Your practice does so much already and with e-signature solutions, you’ll be capable of even more. Give yourselves the opportunity by streamlining your process and save time and money along the way.