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Prioritizing Patients Over Paperwork: How Digitizing Your Files Leads to Better Patient Care

Can better patient care be achieved by spending less time managing paperwork? According to an online survey polling more than 2,000 adults in the United States, prioritizing patients over paperwork is essential for delivering high quality care.1

The survey conducted by Harris Poll set out to gain insight on perceived information mobility in healthcare and how efficiently providers move information throughout healthcare systems.

The survey looked to better understand how patients view the quality of care they typically receive. The findings showed that 77 percent of respondents feel that hospitals are negatively impacted by the volume of paperwork they are expected to manage. This ultimately cuts into time spent with patients.

Other key findings include:

  • 85 percent of respondents said they would feel more comfortable about a hospital’s quality of care if they knew it were using the latest technology.
  • 83 percent of respondents said that hospital admission and discharge processes go much faster when the usage of information management technology is increased.

When healthcare workers have access to technology that helps streamline productivity, patient care improves and employee satisfaction increases. The first step to achieving this is implementing scanning solutions that digitize patient records and documents.

By implementing Ambir scanning solutions, healthcare workers can easily scan a variety of documents and route them to an Electric Health Records (EHR) system. This includes important medical paperwork, ID cards and health insurance cards, which are all digitized in seconds.

Transferring physical documents to digital files helps prevent healthcare workers from losing or misplacing important paperwork. It also lowers the risk of compromising protected health information so that healthcare institutions remain in compliance and maintain security best practices.

The benefits of digital documents extend well beyond the front desk. For billing and office functions, high-speed ADF scanners can help healthcare workers digitize their invoices and other internal forms quickly and easily. Streamlining administrative tasks is just another benefit of partnering with Ambir for all your scanning needs.

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1.Source: “With Hospitals Drowning in Paperwork, Patients Look to Internet for Treatments.” Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology, 16 Apr. 2015,