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New Video: What is Electronic Document Management?

Digitalization is shaping the way businesses generate revenue and transforming processes for greater productivity. Paper filing cabinets are quickly becoming obsolete. Companies who fail to modernize the handling of their most important data risk being outpaced by the competition.

To speed both filing and retrieval of critical information, smart businesses are adopting electronic document management systems to improve productivity and reduce waste of time, money and paper resources. These businesses are learning not just how to keep pace with the changing environment but to how to outpace it.

What is Electronic Document Management?

An electronic document management system is used for storing and organizing digital documents to ensure fast, accurate retrieval. These systems are usually based around software platforms that let users search for and export documents quickly and easily.

The typical workflow starts with a paper document. This document is then scanned and converted into Word or searchable PDF format. The result is a digital file that is easy to store, quick to retrieve and simple to work with and share.

Why Choose Electronic Document Management?

The ability to access important data quickly and easily is essential for any business. Office workers need to be able to pull critical information from digital files, rather than sort through piles of paperwork. Additionally, electronic files are easy to share using cloud or email applications.

Adopting electronic document management systems has also been shown to cut costs. By streamlining operations, businesses can reduce the use of paper and expensive printer toner. This can result in substantial savings.

How Can My Business Introduce Electronic Document Management?

The first step in introducing an electronic document management software is to digitize documents for upload. To address this key business need, Ambir offers a free software with every scanner. This short video shows you how it works:



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