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Effortlessly Organize Your Business Cards with these 4 Tips

Building your connections and putting them to good use is crucial for business development. Easy access to a current list of contacts can be the difference between effective networking and wasted time.

So why not switch to the best way to organize your contacts? You’ll be able to search through them more quickly, finding the ones you need, which will enable you to be able to keep up with them better. This can lead to more sales and improved long-term relationships.

These tips will give you a leg up in navigating business card organization:

1. Take the Effort out of Organization with a Business Card Scanner and Software

Manually transcribing business cards on your computer is tedious and often results in mistakes. And keeping business cards in a binder sounds perfect for organization until you’re left flipping through pages searching to find the one you want. Save time and increase efficiency with a scanner that comes with bundled software created specifically to digitize your cards.

And you’re in luck because using a business card scanner is easy. You simply set your software to autoscan and your card is scanned automatically, as soon as it touches the scanner feed. Save a picture of the card to your records and recycle the paper version without worry.

2. Find contact information fast with OCR technology

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology enables the text scanned in documents and converts scanned documents and business cards into text that can be read digitally.

With a simple scan, the contact information on a standard business card can be uploaded, searched and shared online by you. With business card scanning software, you can utilize OCR technology to extract necessary contact information from the business cards you collect.

3. Import Contacts Directly to Outlook or Export to .CSV

With the information collected using OCR technology, you can import your new contacts directly into Outlook or export them to .CSV for upload into platforms such as Salesforce. From there you’re ready to start reaching out to your contacts. With all your contacts in one organized location and easy to search through, you’ll be saving valuable time that you can instead use to create more connections.

4. Locate Contacts Using Searchable PDFs

Forget wasting time manually searching through a stack of cards for the one you want. Spend more time on conversation and less on finding contact information. Quickly track down contacts with the search feature in your business card scanning software. Search by first name, last name or company to quickly retrieve the information you need.

With all these features and more available in AmbirScan Business Card software, bundled with your choice of Ambir scanner, you get the most out of the business cards you collect. Ambir Business Card software is the ideal choice for digitizing your cards and optimizing your organization.

For more information, check out this short video on how to use AmbirScan Business Card.

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