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Make a Difference in 2020 with Green Technology

In honor of Earth Day, we have compiled a short list of technological solutions that help you work to be more mindful of the environment and make the world a little greener. This list can help you become more conscious of your habits and find subtle ways to improve and become more sustainable. The small steps you take to better our planet add up and can make a difference. Do your part to make the world a cleaner place.


  1. Solar Glass

I’m sure by now you are familiar with solar panel technology. According to Solar Power World Online, solar glass works similarly in generating energy, but it absorbs and converts non-visible light (ultraviolet and infrared) into electricity while transmitting visible light. While it may look like any average window, its technological capabilities  allow businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.


  1. Nest Thermostat E

Reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself some money with a lower energy bill. This thermostat uses your cell phone location to track when you leave your house to automatically lower the temperature while you are gone. The Nest Thermostat E is Energy Star certified and can be managed remotely. You will never have to worry about wasting energy in your home again.


  1. High Sierra Shower Head

You don’t have to be experiencing a drought to work on being mindful of your water consumption. On average a single 10-minute shower will use 25 gallons or more. Switching to a low flow shower head can save up to 40% more water per shower. Be sure to look for one with a WaterSense label by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Curious to see how much water your household uses? Check your daily water usage and learn how to reduce it with this water footprint calculator.


  1. Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit

Use up to 75% electricity and save on your energy bill at the same time. These smart light bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs and they come in a variety of colors to fit any mood or interior design. They are even voice operated, so you can effortlessly turn them on or off, dim and change color.


  1. nScan 700gt Hybrid Duplex Document and Card Scanner

While it might not seem like much on the day-to-day, the average office worker ends up going through about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Reduce waste by implementing a card and document scanner in your office or even at home. Not only will it limit paper clutter in your workstation, but it eliminates the need for unnecessary copies and printing. Make information retrieval easier across your organization by sharing and storing information electronically through scans.


Celebrate Earth Day everyday by switching up your routine with more eco-friendly products and behavior changes. As the latest technology evolves to offset our collective carbon footprint, it’ll be even easier to find green solutions to use in our everyday lives. We only have one Earth, so let’s be kind to it.