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Athenahealth Support: Installation Guide

As an extension of your athenahealth team, you can count on Ambir Technology to be a source of information for all your scanning related questions and needs. The first step to getting your scanner up and running is to install our AmbirScan for athenahealth software to your local device. This installation and configuration of your scanner doesn’t have to be complicated or take hours out of your busy workday. Follow our sheetfed and ADF guides below for a hassle-free set-up process.

Before you get started, it is important to note that you must have local administrative rights the initial installation of your software. If you are unsure of your security permissions, please contact your IT department.


For models: PS667, PS667ix, DS687, DS687ix, DS490, DS490ix, PS600, PS600ix, DS690gt and DS700

Step 1. Download your scanner driver by clicking on your model name here

Step 2. Click download driver file to install your selected scanner’s driver

Step 3. Plug your scanner into your computer

Step 4. Download and Install AmbirScan for athenahealth

Step 5. Click your downloaded AmbirScan for athenahealth software and then click to install

Step 6. (This step is only needed if you have a non-Ambir branded scanner)

The latest version of AmbirScan for athenahealth only requires a license key for 3rd party scanners.

If you are using a 3rd party scanner, you will be prompted for a license key after your first scan. You may also enter the license key by hitting “About” and then “Enter New License Key” within the software.

Step 7. Scan your card or document and click add into athenahealth


For models: DS820i, DS820ix, DS830ix, DS930, DS940, DS940gt, DS960, DS960gt and DS340

Step 1. Connect your Ambir ADF Scanner USB to the computer and turn the scanner power on

Step 2. Identify your Ambir ADF scanner from the list here

Step 3. Click the download link under your scanner pictured on the right. This download

includes the driver and AmbirScan ADF software.

Step 4. Install the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions

Step 5. At the end of the install process, your Ambir ADF scanner will be configured for use with athenahealth


Now that your software is installed, it is time to prepare your scanner for daily use. To make sure everything is in order, start off with a calibration. This will ensure that each following scan is clear and precise. Follow the directions below before attempting your first scans.

Step 1. Right click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in your system tray and select Show

Step 2. Turn off Auto Scan

Step 3. In the top left corner, click the circle with the AmbirScan logo. Click Settings

Step 4. Look towards the bottom of the left column, click Calibrate

Step 5. Follow the on-screen prompts

Note: For all -IX scanners, a new window will pop up. Click Settings, then Calibration to begin.

We recommend regularly calibrating your scanner every 1-3 months, depending on frequency of usage. If you are noticing that your images are blurry, fuzzy, or cut-off, this could also be an indication that your scanner needs calibration or cleaning. For more detailed instructions on this process, reference our recent blog post, “How to Clean and Calibrate Your Scanner”.

If you have any questions on Ambir for athenahealth, check out our FAQ page or contact our live support team for assistance. We can be reached Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays) from 8 am- 5pm CT at 1-630-530-5400 extension 3.