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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Business Card Collection?

What’s the first thing you do when exchanging business cards? Immediately store the card in your wallet only to have it make its way to a pile of old business cards in your desk? We always have the best of intentions when collecting the business cards of potential customers, but how many times are you sure you put it in an easy to relocate spot only to find it missing when you check? Lost or damaged business cards can be a major business loss. Almost equivalent to directly losing a potential customer, business cards are the heart and soul of your initial connections to some of your best clients.

Business cards are an essential element of your business, so making sure you get the most out of them is crucial. By digitizing your business cards, you’re not only guaranteeing you can quickly and easily refer back to specific individuals to build relationships, you’re creating an organized database of important individuals, saving you time and improving ease of engagement.

Business cards are worth more to you on your computer than in your hand. Ambir Business Card Scanners can help you make the most of these opportunities. The included AmbirScan Business Card Software allows you to quickly and easily import contacts directly to Outlook, scan to a shared contact folder, export to a CSV file and more. This allows you the flexibility to ensure the contacts you collect are put in the location that is most beneficial to you so you can begin communicating immediately.

With Microsoft Office compatibility, you can scan your card in just seconds and have the information imported directly into your Outlook address book. If it better fits your needs, scan contacts to a shared folder so you can easily share them across your organization. When you need to export or save your contacts to a CRM, AmbirScan Business Card Software creates CSV files to conveniently store and back up your data. You can then upload your CSV to third party CRMs such as Salesforce and Google Contacts to fit your workflow needs. And with automatic duplicate detection, you can keep your Outlook address book organized and up to date without any repeated information.

AmbirScan Business Card software is available with a variety of Ambir scanners, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs. Whether you’ll just be scanning business cards or want to also scan other documents, Ambir has a solution for you. Check out Ambir Business Card Scanners today to take the first steps towards a better business card process.