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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Scanner

Ambir scanners are built to last. However, regular maintenance can help you ensure you’re getting the best possible performance and longest lifespan from your machine. In this article, we’ll highlight the best ways to keep your scanner at its peak.

Clean it regularly – once a week

Keeping your scanner clean ensure that dust and debris don’t clutter the interior of the scanner and cloud your scanned images. The first step in scanner maintenance is ensuring your scanner is unplugged and turned off. Next, get your scanner cleaning supplies. You’ll want to use cleaning supplies designated for scanners instead of rubbing alcohol, which can cause streaks and risk the integrity of your scans. Instead of directly spraying the scanner, take care to spray the cloth and then wipe down the machine. This ensures that fluid doesn’t go into any of the electronic sections of the scanner. Allow the scanner to dry completely before plugging it back in and resuming use as normal. To blow dust from tight areas of the scanner, we recommend you utilize canned air, a vacuum cleaner or a blow dryer.

Keep your USB free of kinks

Ensure your USB cord isn’t turned at an awkward angle. This can fray wires over time and slow the energy coming to the scanner. Furthermore, never jam the USB into an outlet. When you slide it into the port, it should give little to no resistance. Try not to place anything on top of your cords. If you find that your cords are consistently snagging, it may be worth investing in Velcro to secure the cords to a tabletop.

Turn off the scanner when not in use

Turning your scanner off when you’re not using it is not only environmentally friendly but can extend your scanner’s overall life. Turning it off between uses lowers the risk of power surges while giving your scanner a chance to cool down. Electronics are also less likely to suffer damages when exposed to liquid if they are turned off. Keeping your scanner turned off when not in use also decreases wear, allowing it to stay as new as possible for longer.

Try your best to keep liquids away

We get it, everyone likes to keep their coffee, tea and water close by their side. Hydration is important. However, this can become a significant risk to your electronics. Try your best to keep lids on all drinks. This could mean drinking out of tumblers or secure water bottles. When transferring smaller portable scanners, such as the TravelScan Pro 600, don’t put it in the same bag as a liquid.

Purchase a scanner with a solid warranty

A good warranty ensures you’re purchasing a solid product. It is a promise by the manufacturer that their equipment is built to last. A scanner with a great included warranty is the ImageScan Pro 490i which includes a 2-year warranty. This scanner is high-quality and ensured to give you optimal performance.

No matter what scanner you decide to invest in, it’s always important to do regular maintenance to get the best quality images. If you need additional help maintaining your equipment, offers support from our experts. From there, you can have all of your scanning needs attended to.