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AMBIR eSignature Pad

Ambir nSign SP100 eSignature Pad (SP100-RDP)


The Ambir nSign SP100-RDP eSignature Solution is sculpted to carefully fit the signer’s hand. Its compact size is perfect for virtually any space. Citrix ready and with pressure-sensitive capture technology, multi-file format, save signatures and built in biometrics keeping every signature secure, the nSign SP100-RDP is the choice for you.

• Saves signatures as TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG or GIF format
• RDP compliant
• Compatible with thin clients
• Includes signature pad unit and stylus
• Runs on Windows 7/8/10
• 2-year warranty


Quickly Capture E-Signatures with Ambir nSign Solutions

Our Ambir nSign solutions are designed to optimize your authorization process by digitally collecting signatures for contracts and forms. Save time and resources while lowering your overall transaction cost compared to a paper system by choosing Ambir signature pads.
Secure Device
Secure Signatures

With built-in AES encryption, RSA signaling, and signature biometrics, you ensure that the signatures captured are kept safe and secure.

Perfect for Any Space

At a busy front desk or on-the-go, the Ambir nSign SP100-RDP is compact and lightweight for use wherever you need to capture a quick signature. The SP100-RDP is designed to fit comfortably in the hand of the signer for an effortless e-signature process.

Pressure Sensitive Signatures
Pressure-Sensitive Technology

Capture every nuance with pressure-sensitive, “Natural Capture” technology. This smart technology will pick up on the small details that make each signature unique, keeping it as close to a hand-drawn signature as possible.

Compatible with EMRs
Broad Compatibility

Our SP100-RDP is compatible with thin clients and RDP connections using our virtual com port driver technology. Functioning with TWAIN and WIA drivers, it’s simple to change resolution, rotate and crop signatures.


Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.7 x 0.4”

Security: AES encryption, RSA signing, signature biometrics, RSA encryption inside the pad

Internal sampling rate: 6000 Hz

External sampling rate: 500 Hz

USB connection, no driver installation required

Paper Sensor

Stylus is included, not proprietary

Scratch-resistant surface

2-year standard warranty

Ergonomic design


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