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How to Sustainably Grow Your Practice

Keep your practice developing in an environmentally safe way.

Creating a sustainable workplace can benefit not only the earth but your facility’s productivity and budget as well. Less paper, ink, and other supplies means more time and money to be utilized. That means more budgeted resources towards critical hospital needs such as building repairs, increasing employee salaries, and more. In this article, we’ll highlight how and why to focus on sustainably growing your practice.

An excessive amount of paper can make an office look messy, create unnecessary waste, and negatively impact job performance. In healthcare, many practices are already making the push towards environmental sustainability. Many are utilizing online databases rather than filing cabinets and taking advantage of online payments and receipts. The result has been a decrease in paper waste. In 2018, paper and cardboard accounted for roughly 23% of waste in the US. In one study conducted by University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, a company, “determined that if each employee used double-sided copying to conserve just one sheet of paper each week, the firm would save $700,000 each year”. By focusing on creating a more sustainable practice, many healthcare facilities are finding they can allocate funds to more pressing needs.

The first step to creating an eco-friendly practice is to utilize the proper equipment to reduce waste and increase employee’s workflow. Instead of investing in multiple clunky scanners for ID cards and paper, invest in one that’s resilient and versatile. Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 490i is perfect for scanning ID cards, registration forms and more. It’s also compact and lightweight, ideal for cluttered desks and creating space to stretch out and focus.

Not only does less paper mean a more productive workspace, but it also means that all a healthcare facility’s vital information can be stored in a secure, organized database rather than in a filing cabinet. This means that the patient and clinician will both have secure access to up-to-date information 24/7.

There are long-term benefits of being sustainable. This means positive impacts for both your practice and the environment. Overall, your practice will grow from the extra time, cost, and energy saved when investing in the proper techniques and equipment. Curious about more ways to utilize eco-friendly equipment? Check out Ambir’s website.