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AmbirScan for Athena FAQs

I have an Ambir scanner and am using athenahealth. Do I need special software?

Yes. Customers who purchase Ambir scanners must use the AmbirScan for athenahealth software in conjunction with their scanners to integrate fully into athenahealth. If you did not purchase the software with your scanner, please call us at (630) 530-5400, option 2.

I entered my license key and it’s not being accepted.

Users will often see this message if there is a mistyped character in the field. However, there may also be security and firewall settings blocking the communication, or, you may be out of licenses. See below for more information.

Cannot register/blocked

  1. Confirm you have entered the correct character as listed on the paperwork. (Ex: if you entered the letter O in a space, change with the number 0.)
  2. Check with your local IT to see if is being blocked by a firewall setting. If so, that site will need to be whitelisted.
  3. If you have completed the above and are still unable to register, contact Ambir Support.

If you are out of licenses and need to purchase additional keys

Contact Ambir Support for further assistance.

I need to move the software to a new computer. Will AmbirScan for athenahealth still work?

Prior to moving to a new computer, you must deactivate the license from the current computer. Make sure you have your license key prior to deactivating.

To deactivate the license from AmbirScan for athenahealth software, complete the following steps:

  1. Right click the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in the system tray and select Show
  2. Click the About tab
  3. Click Deactivate license
  4. You can now use the license key on a new computer. If you have problems activating on the new computer, please contact Ambir Support.

I need to set up my scanner to use with athenahealth. What do I do?

For models PS667, PS667ix, DS687, DS687ix, DS490, DS490ix, PS600, PS600ix, click here

For models DS820i, DS820ix, DS930u, DS940u, DS960u, click here

How do I change between QuickScans?

To change your QuickScans:

  1. Right click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon, located in your system tray
  2. Hover the mouse over QuickScans; the QuickScan you have currently selected will have a check mark next to it. Click on the QuickScan you wish to change to.

Note: The selected QuickScan will stay selected at next startup.

How to I scan multiple pages of a document into one PDF file?

To scan multiple pages into a single PDF document, complete the following steps:

  1. Right click on the AmbirScan for Athena icon and select Show
  2. Click on the QuickSettings tab. Once on that tab, select the QuickScan you wish to use.
  3. Click the Output tab
  4. Select Multi Paged File
  5. Check the Auto Add Pages box
  6. Click Save Changes

My card won’t scan/stopped feeding. What do I do?

If your scanner is not scanning cards, AmbirScan for athenahealth may not be running. You should see the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in your system tray (located next to the time on your computer). The software runs in kiosk mode, meaning it runs as a background process. When running, you will see the icon in the system tray.

If the icon is not in the system tray:

  1. Double click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon on your desktop to launch.
  2. The software will briefly display on your screen, then minimize into kiosk mode in the system tray.

AmbirScan for athenahealth is running, but it’s not responding. What do I do?

If AmbirScan for athenahealth is frozen and/or not responding, restarting your computer will correct the problem.

If you do not wish to restart, you can end the program through your Task Manager by completing the following steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Task Manager
  2. On the Processes tab, select AmbirScan, right click and End Task
  3. Double click the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon on your desktop

I clicked preview in athena and received this message: The card image specified in Settings, C:\Card-AB.jpg, could not be opened. C:\Card-AB.jpg could not be found

The default path and card name prefix in AmbirScan for athenahealth is C:\Card\Card-AB. However, some users have a different save path or prefix, determined by their athena account setup. The above message means the card image should be located directly on your C drive. You will need to change the file path.

Save to file path C:\Card-AB or C:\Card.jpg:

  1. Right click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in your system tray. Click Show
  2. Click the QuickSettings tab
  3. Select the Athena Card quickscan. Click the Output tab (middle option)
  4. Click the ‘Change Save Path’ button. Select the C drive of your computer (C:)
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Click QuickScan, then Kiosk to minimize the software back into the system tray

Note: You may also need to change the prefix name of your card scans, depending on how your account is set up with athenahealth. If the prefix must be Card, change the prefix to Card in the Image Name Prefix box.

My Show Preview button in athenahealth is missing. What do I do?

If you see this message, you need to install or update your Athena Device Manager. Click on the gear icon in Athena and select Device Management. If you need to update your device manager, click on the hyperlink to install.

If you see this message, Athena Device Manager is installed but not running. Follow the onscreen instructions to launch the application.

I lost my QuickScans. What do I do?

If you have lost any/all of your QuickScans, please contact Ambir Support for further assistance.

The wrong scanner is selected in AS4A. How do I change scanners?

If AmbirScan for athenahealth starts and the incorrect scanner is selected, complete the following steps:

  1. Right click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in your system tray. Click Show
  2. Deselect Auto Scan. Under Choose Scanner, click the drop-down menu and select the correct scanner. Do not select a scanner with any prefix (ex: WIA)

If you are still unable to select the correct scanner after completing the above, please contact Ambir Support.

The wrong card images are displaying in athenahealth. How do I correct this?

If you have a PS667/PS667ix or PS600/PS600ix, you must scan the front and back side of the card to create the card JPG image. If only one side is scanned, it will not create the required JPG file. Additionally, when you scan the next card, the image may attach to the existing, previous scan.

To correct, complete the following steps:

  1. Right click on the AmbirScan for athenahealth icon in your system tray. Click Show
  2. In the top left corner, click the circle with the AmbirScan logo. Click Settings
  3. Check the box next to Auto Finish In
  4. Go to C:\Card and delete the JPG image in the folder
  5. Scan one side, take the card out, turn over, and scan the other side

My scanner is displaying 0. What do I do?

If you have not installed the driver and software for your scanner, please click here to complete.

A properly installed scanner which is displaying 0 can also mean the scanner is in Standby Mode. To get your scanner out of Standby, simply click one of the buttons on the scanner.

If the driver and software is installed and clicking a button does not change the number display, turn the power off and unplug the scanner from the power source. Plug the scanner back in and turn on it back on. You should now see a number on the scanner.

If you continue to have a problem, contact Ambir Support.

What number should I be scanning on?

  1. Insurance cards / IDs
  2. Grayscale PDF duplex documents
  3. Color PDF duplex documents