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What to Consider When Buying a Scanner

Buying a scanner can be a serious investment. This piece of equipment can determine the efficiency of your workplace. Research is imperative in determining what kind of scanner is right for you. The article below will highlight some key features of the market’s most popular scanners so you can craft the most productive workspace possible.

Single Page Sheetfed vs. Multi-Page ADF Scanners

The first key item to focus on is what type of jobs you find your workspace facing most often. If your office deals with one or two pages that need to be scanned or people scanning on the go off-site, sheetfed scanners might be the way to go. Sheetfed scanners are USB powered and process individual pages rather than stacks of paper. Ambir carries the TravelScan Pro 600 which is a lightweight portable sheetfed scanner that is capable of scanning card sized items to legal sized documents quickly and seamlessly.

However, if you’re looking for a scanner that’s better suited to a high-paced, paper-heavy environment, a high-speed ADF scanner might be right for your workplace. ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder, meaning that a stack of papers can be placed in the feeder and the scanner can run through it without assistance. One of the most efficient scanners on the market is Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 820ix scanner. This high-speed scanner can tackle up to 3,000 pages a day and handles card sized items to legal sized documents.

High vs. Low PPM

The speed of your scanner can determine how quickly you can get the job done. PPM stands for Pages per Minute. You can determine what kind of PPM you need based on the volume of paper in your workplace. If your office is paper-rich and fast-paced and needs to scan documents often and quickly, why not speed up productivity with a scanner like the ImageScan Pro 340. This high-speed scanner is capable of scanning 40 pages per minute making it a great fit for environments where you need to get the job done and done fast. With so many different speed options available, Ambir has incorporated an easy way for quickly determining the PPM of an Ambir scanner by the last two digits on the product number. For example, since the ImageScan Pro has the number 340, 40 is the number of pages per minute. The ImageScan Pro 820ix is 20ppm. This model naming convention is a feature only true for Ambir ADF scanners. Once you’re able to determine the importance of scanning speed, you’ll find that determining the right scanner for you becomes that much more approachable.


Lines that form as a result of an inefficient check-in or registration process are not good for your visitors or your business. Long lines and wait times lead to delays in providing service which leaves you behind and your visitors frustrated. A simple, efficient, and quick way to handle this workflow is essential to deliver a positive experience for all. Stop getting up and going to the copier or back counter to capture needed credentials and documentation. Instead, consider an optimized solution like our ImageScan Pro 490, which effortlessly scans both sides of documents and cards right at your desk with no need to get up. Both lightweight and widely compatible with its included TWAIN driver, and the ImageScan Pro 490 is ready to take on a wide array of tasks that allow you to accurately capture the information and credentials you require from your visitors when they come in and also assist you in making sure patient information provided allows for correct and proper billing. This modest addition dramatically speeds up the check-in process and makes your visitor and front office experience more efficient and stress-free.

With so many different workflows, finding your ideal scanner can be hard. That’s why Ambir is transparent about product features, best use environments and appropriately sized products and prices that fit the jobs you need done. Since our founding, our mission has been to deliver to our customers only high quality, professional scanners that you can always count on backed by a dedicated US Based customer team. Our inventory contains a wide variety of Ambir scanners for every job all Citrix ready, USB connected and TWAIN compliant. If you want to amplify your workplace productivity, we invite you to browse through Ambir’s inventory to find the ideal scanner to fit all your scanning needs.