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Being an Ambir VAR means more than being a reseller. We consider our AmbirVARs to be an elite collection of resellers who excel in sales volume, business focus, customer care and support, so much so that we offer this program with a full complement of benefits:

Program Benefits

  • Access to our Level 2 US-based support team
  • 15-day Evaluation Unit Program for End-users
  • Demo Program for VARs
  • Access to our Level 2 US-based support team
  • Access to Refurb Units (based on availability)
  • Sales & Support Tools and Guides
  • Communications Specific to AmbirVARs

VAR Requirements

In order to make these benefits special, we don’t make them available to just any VAR. To qualify, our AmbirVARs meet these requirements:

Minimum Quarterly Net Sales of $7500 of Ambir eligible products to remain an AmbirVAR.

More than 50% of sales staff must have direct contact with customers (as opposed to web sales).

VAR’s web page must include the Ambir Technology logo, description (if applicable), and/or in listing of vendors.

VAR must have directly employed sales & support staff with phone numbers listed on its website.

Purchase a minimum of $500 of Ambir demo products.

VAR Eligibility

DMRs (direct market resellers) are not eligible for the Ambir VAR program. Approval to the Ambir VAR program will be communicated to you within 3 business days of receiving your online application. Program participation is at the sole discretion of Ambir Technology.