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Tips for Reducing Paper in your Healthcare Office

Many healthcare organizations are trying to cut down on paper generation around the office. Not only is it environmentally responsible to reduce paper usage, but doing so saves you money, improves office aesthetics and provides better informational security.

However, many facilities get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of physical paper to digitize and save. Not to mention finding the right document scanner to digitize all those documents with. Here are a few ways to help you achieve your digitization goals:

1. Place encouraging reminders to reduce paper in the office.

Many offices talk of going paperless but leave in place all the processes and equipment designed to generate more paper! Posting simple messages around multi-function devices like “Scan – Don’t Photocopy” encourages staff to better utilize modern document capture technology while also saving money with lower printing costs.

By utilizing reminders to reduce paper, you keep the issue top of mind. According to Tufts’ “Business Guide to Paper Reduction,” “handling paper is 20 times the cost of purchasing it and 200 times the cost of throwing it away. Automated processes can increase productivity by 50 percent or more.” Reducing paper doesn’t just help the environment, it saves your facility time and money.

2. Digitize Your Important Documents.

Uploading important documents into a secure Content Management or EMR System is the first step to reducing paper waste in your office and increasing productivity. If you’re dealing with heavy loads of past patient records and charts, the 340-SE is the ideal scanner for you. This scanner can scan at a rate of 40 pages per minute and elegantly handles stacks of paper with its automatic misfeed detection. However, if you’re only scanning a few documents a day, our 820ix might be a better fit.

Why print out paper after paper for a presentation or to share when you can offer those materials in a digital format? By scanning shared documents, you not only guarantee they’re available in one centralized location, you ensure they’re easily accessible to everyone who needs to see them.

3.  Use digital patient registration

Streamlining the patient registration process has multiple benefits.  Firstly, you eliminate the need to print/store paper-based versions of the patient record.  Second, many patients detest the onerous process of manually filling out lengthy and often repetitive documents.   Digital patient registration can be done with web forms (usually completed prior to the visit), in-office electronic tablets or kiosks.

4.  Implement eSignatures

Implementing eSignature pads at the front desk immediately eliminates the need for paper based consent and HIPAA form completion.

5.  Use integrated barcode scanners

The use of Bardcode scanners can eliminate paper-based inventory management by integrating supply and order management

Whether you’re trying to reduce paper generation for financial, environmental or organizational reasons, investing in a scanner is a good place to start. AMBIR offers a variety of scanners, signature pads,  designed to improve the workflow for your unique needs and environments. Please browse our selection to find your ideal scanner today!