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Extending the Capabilities of NextGen Healthcare with AMBIR Scanners


AMBIR makes scanners for Nextgen Healthcare and have a long-standing relationship with NextGen and are considered to be the preferred scan ner for NextGen Healthcare. NextGen Healthcare provides customized solutions to fit the exact needs of all types of medical and ambulatory practices. Their software solutions empower patients to take control of their health and enable clinicians to be more productive and engaged.  NextGen serves a variety of office types and sizes from large enterprise health systems to small physician and allied health practices.  They are known for delivering the flexibility and efficiency providers need and the convenience and communication patients expect with one platform. Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, cloud-based platform, NextGen Office, or a more robust health IT solution for small practices, NextGen Enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

AMBIR Provides a full catalog of integrated products including document and insurance card scanners for NextGen Healthcare software.  The devices include the following

AMBIR Card Scanners

  • ID Card and Insurance Card Scanners

  • Portable Document Scanners (Medical Cart Compatible)

  • Workgroup Document Scanners (High Speed)

  • Digital Signature Pads

  • Hand-Held Barcode Scanners

These devices, stand alone, perform relatively discrete functions.  When paired with powerful software applications such as NextGen, they come to life and extend the usability of software outward to office personnel and patients in a way that improves the overall worker/patient experience.

Examples of medical office workflows enabled by AMBIR products

Patient Onboarding/Registration  – AMBIR card scanners connect with your NextGen software to facilitate the capture of patient ID and Insurance Card information.  This digital capture makes patient registration a faster and more efficient that paper-based forms.

Patient Check-inAMBIR Insurance Card Scanning solutions connect directly with NexGen to capture patient insurance card information at the time of each visit check-in.

Medical Form and Document Scanning  – Capture and digitize your paper-based forms and documents with AMBIR’s ADF Scanners.  Workgroup-class scanning can process up to 40PPM

eSignature Capture – HIPAA compliance and patient consent along with payment confirmation at the front desk is facilitated with AMBIR’s integrated digital signature pads.

Office Inventory Management – AMBIR hand-held barcode scanners can work in consort with your office inventory, easily scanning item barcodes to better track and manage critical medical supplies in-office.

From Scanner to Software

AMBIR Scanners for NextGen Healthcare connect by use of the TWAIN driver.  TWAIN is a standard for the application program interface (API) between image input devices (such as scanners) and applications which control the image input devices. Using a TWAIN-compliant application and a TWAIN-compliant scanner with a TWAIN-compliant driver enables users to operate any scanner in the same manner.  AMBIR’s use of TWAIN drivers ensures that all of our devices will connect easily with the NextGen Software suite.

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