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AMBIR Case Study – Department of Veterans Affairs Improves Patient Registration


The Department of Veterans Affairs was looking to streamline their patient registration system.  They had been using a home-grown EMR system known as VistA which was designed to support the complete patient management process.  The VA began a project wherein they updated the VistA software application to meet the demands of modern healthcare delivery.  Part of the software overhaul meant that they needed a hardware vendor who could easily work with VistA and enable digital capture of documents and ID cards.

The Solution

AMBIR Scanners were used to integrate the process of capturing patient ID’s and Insurance cards during visits and new patient registration.  The Digital capture of cards used the TWAIN-compliant drivers to move the data from the cards directly into the EMR system.  This eliminated the highly time consuming process of manually scanning and re-typing information from ID’s and Insurance Cards by VA employees.

AMBIR partnered with DSS, a consulting firm working with the VA on upgrading the EMR software.  The partnership allowed AMBIR with work within the constraints of federal contracting guidelines and it also allowed AMBIR to collaborate on healthcare-specific workflows for patient registration at the point of service.

AMBIR’s collaboration with DSS on this project allowed us to deliver a solution that met the VA’s exact hardware and software needs and the ability to offer the solution on contract.  The solution for scanning ID and Insurance cards as part of patient  registration has been in place  for 18 years.   AMBIR’s relationship with the VA and DSS  is still going strong and we have migrated from the 667 to 687 and now to the 690GT by working with the VA directly and DSS.  Currently, AMBIR scanners are located in every single VAMC in the United States.

The VA


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