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The 3 Best Scanners for General Medicine Offices

Despite the push to go digital, many healthcare facilities still deal with paper, including paper medical records, ID cards, and more. To seamlessly transition to a more efficient digital workplace, it’s vital to accurately capture this information. AMBIR offers three scanners that fit easily into healthcare facilities and offices. On average, AMBIR document scanners deliver healthcare facilities $500 in savings per unit over currently deployed scanning solutions. The ImageScan Pro 820ix, nScan 690gt, and ImageScan Pro 340 all come with industry-standard TWAIN drivers, making them compatible with most major EMR systems and an ideal choice for healthcare facilities.

ImageScan Pro 820ix

The 820ix is a powerful and efficient scanner with a compact size that’s perfect for the everyday medical office. This hardy piece of equipment excels in scanning insurance and ID cards as well as paper documents in either color, black & white or grayscale. Ideal for scanning insurance cards and records, this scanner’s affordable price and scanning capability are great for those looking to stay within budget while still getting a quality scanner.

nScan 690

The nScan 690 is a high-performance card scanner that can scan both sides. Perfect for scanning driver’s licenses and insurance cards quickly and easily, this scanner captures both sides of cards in seconds. Its compact ergonomic design fits neatly on a check-in desk or WoW cart and being USB powered means it can be taken on the go.

ImageScan Pro 340

The ImageScan Pro 340 is ideal for medical offices that want serious scanning capability. This scanner can scan up to 40 pages per minute in either color, black & white, or grayscale and can handle 100 sheets of paper at at time, this makes the 340 great for large paper jobs that might include patient charts, lab reports, and various records and forms. The 340 captures both sides of ID cards and paper documents alike, making it as efficient as it is versatile.

Update your healthcare office by equipping it with industry-leading document capture technology from AMBIR. AMBIR scanners are reliable, accurate and easy to use, which make them great for increasing productivity and delivering both time and budget savings. Ready to setup in minutes and requiring no training, AMBIR scanners represent one of the smartest technology additions you can make to your office delivering immediate ROI.

AMBIR is recognized as a leader in providing digital capture solutions for healthcare entities, whether it’s small practices of large health systems. AMBIR Healthcare Solutions play a vital role in automating and streamlining critical processes in your office or hospital.  AMBIR is known for exceptional quality, low Total Cost of Ownership and outstanding support.

How do our scanners help medical offices?

  • Speed up Patient Registration and Check in – let our devices capture information from ID and Insurance cards.  We will scan and integrate with your back-office EMR/EHR.
  • Revenue Cycle Management – Capturing updated and accurate insurance information is vital to the revenue cycle management process.  AMBIR card scanners make capturing this vital information a snap.  AMBIR card scanners integrate with all leading EMR/EHR platforms.
  • Digitizing Medical Records – AMBIR Scanners can handle all forms of paper documents.   From portable cart-compatible to high-speed workgroup scanners,  all are TWAIN compliant and can easily intake paper and move to your digital systems.
  • Ergonomic – AMBIR scanners come in a variety of sizes from portable scanners that can easily fit on a mobile medical cart to small desktop and full
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – AMBIR products offer the industry’s lowest TCO for digital scanning and capture.  We routinely save hundreds and thousands of dollars for our clients in scanning and equipment costs annually.